What is WePlayMath?

Kids don’t hate math, they hate feeling stuck, and We Play Math eliminates that frustration through gamification. All children have the potential to become high achievers through time-tested, proven teaching strategies, good, old-fashioned support and a solid, principle-based foundation. We Play Math teaches critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies for success in math, on standardized testing, through college and beyond, and we do it in an appealing way.

We Play Math is ideal for children of all skill levels to achieve more than they ever imagined possible! We Play Math challenges advanced learners, helping them to unlock their full potential. At the same time, it builds confidence in struggling learners by allowing them to learn at their own pace and providing exceptional support.

Our Vision

Math education has been sorely lacking for years and lots of homeschool parents struggle to provide their children with an excellent math education because they never received one and they don’t know what it looks like nor how to provide it. My mission is to turn that around and give your children what you never had. Let’s face it. Parents who struggle with math inadvertently communicate their frustration with or dislike of math to their children. Kids pick up on things we don’t even realize they notice! 

Gamification solves two problems for homeschooled parents. It eliminates the need for parents to nag (phew!) because students are excited to practice their multiplication tables (and other skills) when it looks like an arcade game. And when presented in a concise, easy-to-understand format, then practiced via fun games and interactive activities, students can learn skills conceptually, thoroughly and all by themselves. (Yay! No need for mom to sit at the table trying to figure out Johnny’s math!) Further, we provide tutors for those inevitable times when students just really need a bit of one-to-one help to understand something with which they are struggling. 

I don’t just want your kiddos to understand math conceptually, I want them giddy about math! I want your children to be the next generation of mathematicians, scientists and engineers just because they can’t imagine a world without a daily serving of math. My goal in life is for your children to breathlessly share their math epiphanies with you and monopolize dinner table conversations with their excitement about their own (as well as Archimedes’, Thales’ and Pythagorus’) mathematical discoveries!

Kids who understand math enjoy it and kids who enjoy math understand it. The opposite is also true. Math should be taught in a simple, concise way that is easy to understand. Skills should be practiced using games and multi-sensory activities.

Meet the Founder

Hi! I’m Amy! I’ve homeschooled my own children for 18 years and I’ve learned a thing or two while in the trenches. First, I know that you wear a zillion hats: chef, chauffeur, doctor, housekeeper, gardener, therapist, teacher, principal and more. You don’t need another things to do. But government schools aren’t the answer. Your kids need YOU!

Second, aside from phonics and a really strong love of reading, math is the most important subject your children will study. I’m not just saying that because math is my favorite subject, even though it is. Math is the basis for science, coding, engineering, AI and machine learning, finance, and so many of the careers of tomorrow. It’s also the basis for logical thinking. Your children need a thorough math understanding in order to take their place in the world.

I created We Play Math so you can give your children the math education they need, without having to sacrifice yourself any more than you already do.

I have degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, both of which I love. But if I had it to do over, I’d probably choose a degree in math. My favorite job ever is teaching my own children math.

Amy Saunders, founder of We Play Math

Learn From Master Teachers

Teaching is a gift not everyone has, especially where math is concerned. Our teachers and tutors are rigorously trained and highly qualified.

Math Games

There is a good reason worksheets are called drill and kill. Even the most colorful worksheets can kill a love of learning in large quantity. But math facts do require a great deal of practice. Math games are the way to get students to practice their facts eagerly and voluntarily!

Learn at Your Own Pace

Watch the video explanations as many times as you need to. Use all of the tutorials or just a few. Take several days to solidify a concept if you need to before moving on.