Welcome to We Play Math!

These instructions will help you add your child(ren) to your account so they can get started:

1. Do you know where your child(ren) should begin? If you need help figuring out where your child should start, have your child(ren) take the placement test (button below). Print the test and sit with your child while he/she completes it, so you can answer questions. Don’t help your child(ren) with the math itself, but feel free to explain terminology or what a question means. If you still need help determining where your child should start, you can arrange placement help from one of our skilled tutors for $40. Just email us at [email protected] with the subject line ‘Placement help’.

2. Add your child(ren) to your account. If you haven’t yet added your child(ren) to your account, use the button below. The form contains instructions for adding your child(ren) to your account and assigning them their courses. For maximum privacy and safety, please add your child(ren) WITHOUT emails. Don’t use the password the form offers — add one your child will remember. Here is a screenshot.

3. Assign course. Once your child(ren) is/are added to your account, you will see their names below the form. Below that, there is a section titled ‘Available courses that can be linked’. Click ‘expand’ next to the course in which you want to enroll a child. Select that child’s name from the drop-down menu and then click ‘Link’. That child is now enrolled in that course.

4. Visit your parent dashboard. Click the big, red button at the bottom of the form to go to your parent dashboard. The button below will also take you there, but it won’t show anything until your children have been added to your account and assigned courses.


Your parent dashboard contains:

  • Progress Monitoring. This section allows you to monitor the progress of each of your children individually.
  • Answer Keys. These are pdf files you can store on your hard drive so they never get lost or damaged. Or feel free to print them if you prefer a hard copy. 
  • Link to resources. I’ve gathered fun, optional, holiday resources like color by number pages, math puzzles and fun, holiday-themed math projects. They are sorted by level. Feel free to use them in place of math during holiday breaks or as fun rewards or however you choose. All are completely optional, but will reinforce valuable concepts. 

5. Students begin course. Once logged in using the student username and password created by the parent, the student dashboard will show the courses in which they are enrolled and their progress. It also has a link to the Math Arcade (fun games to drill math facts and skills), the EClassroom where the Live Learning Labs will be held (see below for the schedule) and the Announcements. (Nothing will show up for them unless their course is assigned and they are logged in.)

Students may begin their course by scrolling down to the section titled ‘Your Course’ and clicking on the course name. That will take the student to the beginning of the course, which is a letter to parents. Scroll down on that page to find a list of lessons. Click the first lesson and you’re off!

Live Learning Lab (optional, drop-in tutoring) schedule:

  • Level K Friday  9 AM MST
  • Level 1 Friday 10 AM MST
  • Level 2 Friday 11 AM MST