Live Learning

We believe that learners should be able to learn at their own pace and in the way that helps that learner to build the strongest math foundation possible. That’s why our instructional videos are pre-recorded (allowing our students to learn at their own pace) and our Live Learning Labs are open-ended, meaning that learners can bring their questions each week and the tutor leading the session will walk the group through solving the questions, encouraging questions and collaborative learning.

It’s a little like a flipped classroom model where students learn independently and then bring their questions to class, only we take it a step further and allow our learners to learn at their own pace. Learners who are a few lessons ahead will benefit from the review and from the opportunity to teach and share, and learners who are a few lessons behind will benefit from the additional experience of the cohort. Because we separate our Live Learning Labs by math levels, all learners will have the experience of being new to certain concepts and of being experienced at those same concepts and able to help the new learners.

Each student of We Play Math will be assigned a group based on their math level and will be given a meeting link and a weekly day and time to meet. All meetings are optional. Live Learning Labs schedules are as follows: