Math Mysteries

If I’ve learned anything from homeschooling the last 18 years, it’s that kids learn differently! What works for one won’t necessarily work for another. One thing that does work for all students, however, is cross-curricular teaching. 

What is cross-curricular teaching? In a nutshell, cross-curricular teaching is an approach to a topic that includes contributions from several different disciplines. A good example is if a math teacher were to teach the history of a math concept or a mathematician in a math class. It provides students with more connections between ideas and gives greater relevance and meaning to the skills and concepts they are learning.

That’s what we do in Math Mysteries. We explore the lives, inventions, contributions, discoveries and achievements of many of the world’s greatest mathematicians from Archimedes to Zeno. Mathematics will become more approachable as we learn about the people behind the discoveries. Each level of We Play Math has two Math Mysteries, which take the place of a regularly scheduled lesson for that day.