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Each lesson in this course is comprised of:

  • Lesson Video is a brief (2-10 minutes) animated video explaining a concept
  • Skills Game is an online, interactive game, about 5 minutes
  • Written Practice (you may purchase a pre-printed workbook or print your own — you will receive the pdf file)
  • Enrichment Activities each day include print-and-play games, hands-on activities, DIY math manipulatives, arts, crafts and math conversations. Some of the lessons also include printable games (for practicing concepts or drilling math facts) in the lesson materials sections. All of these are optional.

Each lesson should take less than 30 minutes unless your child loves the game/activity and chooses to spend more time on it. Most of each day’s lesson can be completed independently by your child, but the optional Enrichment Activities are sometimes 2-player games, and a parent will need to check each days Written Practice (the worksheets). The answer keys to all of the worksheets in each parent dashboard.

We Play Math courses are structured so that parents don’t have to spend hours each day teaching each concept to each of your children, all on different math levels. However, the more parents can be involved, the better. Statistics show that parental involvement is the single biggest predictor of student success. The more support and guidance a parent can give their child, the better. Be sure to take advantage of the FUN math games included in this course and add math conversations and number fluency to your daily lives. We Play Math is taking care of the instruction so parents and families can just have fun playing math. That’s what we’re all about!

Get started by clicking the first lesson in the list below. Have fun!


This year your child will need the following supplies:

    • Your child needs the workbook that accompanies this course. You may either print it yourself (button below) or purchase a pre-printed workbook (button below) or print each daily assignment as you go. Each daily lesson has links to that days worksheets. All three of those options are exactly the same worksheets.

    • A binder or plastic file box to hold the workbook and the printed reference pages

    • File folders to hold the math games you will print and play with your child throughout this course

    • Geared, analog clock (any wall clock will be geared and would work, but I use this large, Judy clock in my homeschool)

    • Printer (you’ll print several math games to use in your homeschool) and ink, you might want a laminator to make games reusable

    • Typical Office/Craft supplies such as markers, crayons, scissors, tape and glue

    • Pattern blocks

    • Brads

    • Ruler with inches and centimeters

    • Yardstick

    • Sewing measuring tape

    • Kitchen measuring tools (cups, teaspoons, plastic pitcher with quarts and gallons marked on the side)

    • A bathroom scale and a balance

    • toothpicks (first lesson)

    • rubber bands

    • thermometer